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Processes as simple as

Still struggling with making process training simple and effective? Do you want a solution that can be implemented faster? Let us do it for you using our unique instructional design approach​

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ID Guide to Process Training​

An approach that helps you simplify process training while improving adoption and adherence​

  • Introduction​​
  • Deconstruction​​
  • Chunking​​
  • Authoring
  • Download
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Looking to design a highly effective process training program?​​

Identify four common structures (motifs) that repeat themselves in all processes. These motifs are:​​

  • Linear Flow​ ​
  • Alternate Flow – either forward or backward​
  • Decision Flow​​
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What should be the first step to process training

Break down the process into subprocesses. Here is how you do it:

  • Break down the process into subprocesses
  • Each subprocess must be one of the motifs​
  • Create microlearning videos for each subprocess
What should you do after identifying subprocesses?​

Chunk the subprocesses. Here is what you must keep in mind:​

  • Subprocesses should be chunked based on the length of the process chain​
  • For linear processes with no branching, assign single videos
  • For long linear processes, build snapshots video for reference​
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All the groundwork is done. What now?​

The final step is the authoring of the process videos. Here’s what you must keep in mind…​

  • Create a stimulating title​​
  • Choose a conversational over an informational tone​
  • Limit to around 3 mins. Do not exceed 5 mins​
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Download the Instructional Design Guide to Process Training​

Does this resonate with you? If so, please go ahead and use our Instructional Design Guide to Process Training to plan and implement your process training.​

It contains detailed instructions on our approach to process training starting from deconstruction to authoring. The guide is available free of charge. Think of it as a thank you from our side for showing interest in our thoughts.

So, go ahead and drop us a mail at or leave us your email address and we will send it right across....

Instructional Design Guide to Process Training

Our instructional design approach to handling processes is simple and easy to implement. See how it works…​

  • Identify key motifs​
  • Break down processes into subprocesses​
  • Chunk subprocesses into videos based on process chain length
  • Use relevant avatars to simulate authority​
  • Focus on the whys as much as the hows while explaining​
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Deploy a learning app for all your process training​

Processes need to be available for reference and structured and tagged for easier discoverability. See how QuoDeck can help you with this…​

  • Tag all processes with relevant hashtags for easier discoverability​
  • Recommended processes based on user consumption patterns​
  • Deploy a white-labelled mobile or web app or integrate with your LMS​
  • Use team-wise tiered analytics to measure effectiveness and adoption

Add the power of gamified content​

Enterprise learning is about more than the distribution. The engagement that the learning content brings is critical. QuoDeck offers its expertise as services to select enterprise clients:​

  • Contact us to create custom SCORM, games and video content
  • Subscribe to our library of ready games
  • Get bespoke simulations built to test understanding of processes in real life scenarios without the associated risks
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