Setup an enterprise knowledge base to enable on-demand learning for your workforce

Drive understanding of your app or business by integrating a knowledge base full of Stories, Quizzes, Games, Profilers, Calculators and more...

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Repository of bite-sized content nuggets ​

Easy to create, easy to find, easy to consume​

  • Tagging
  • Authoring
  • Interactivity
  • Analytics
  • Branding
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Discover content easily

Use tags to connect nuggets to a specific theme, event or concept​

  • Simplify the discovery of content using hashtags​ and a fuzzy search engine
  • Allow users to consume content that interests them by using keywords​
  • Show recommended content to users based on the content they consume​
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Create nuggets in multiple forms​

Create bite-sized content nuggets in formats including articles, games, videos, image libraries and more​

  • Use QuoDeck’s easy-to-use HTML editor to create content nuggets​
  • Add media to nuggets to amplify the richness of the content​
  • Add tags and publish the nuggets when you are ready​
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Let users engage with the content​

Give learners the ability to like, dislike, comment on and share content nuggets… ​

  • Give users a voice by encouraging them to like and comment on nuggets​ ​​
  • Collect information on what users want to learn more about. Use surveys and comments​
  • Build ownership among users by enabling sharing of nuggets with colleagues​
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Not just data, insights​​​

Find out what content types and topics your audience likes. Know what they want to know more about...

  • Collect eventstream data for deep analytics on platform usage
  • Access our extensive set of visual and tabular reports to evaluate ​ interaction with tags and topics​
  • Use API endpoints to build custom reports​
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Your very own app​

Customize your app to reflect your brand identity and act as a marketing tool...​

  • Brand your platform with its own name, logo and iconography​
  • Customize elements like colors, icons, banners and landing page layouts​​
  • Host a white-labeled mobile app on Play Store and App Store, or a progressive web app ​​​

Enable ecosystem users to consume content topics in forms of their choice

Adoption of learning among non-captive audiences is best achieved using bite-sized content pieces in different forms. Whether they are suppliers or part of your extended workforce, QuoDeck Knowledge Base enhances their engagement with your organization:

  • Capture your audience’s imagination with interactive content forms ranging from articles to games
  • Recommend content to users based on topics that they consume
  • Simplify content discovery by providing suggested readings, trending articles and search
  • Improve user engagement with social features including like, comment and share
  • Share content across WhatsApp, email and more using the deep-linking feature
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Engage consumers and provide support when and where they need it

Consumers must be provided with multiple ways of engaging with and understanding your product or service. Integrate QuoDeck’s Knowledge Base to provide help and guidance to your consumers as and when they need them:

  • Provide access to relevant FAQs, while ensuring the consumer continues to stay on your app
  • Explain how parts of your product work using interactive tutorial formats
  • Keep the content focused by using formats specially designed for short-form content
  • Carry out surveys, polls, etc., and understand your consumers better
  • Identify parts of your app that require more handholding

Let your workforce find answers to their questions on their own

Not all learning needs to be mandatory. Your workforce should have answers to their questions at their fingertips, without necessarily having to access structured learning. QuoDeck’s Knowledge Base is specially designed for on-demand learning:

  • Choose from our plethora of engaging, short-form content formats to create a content repository
  • Categorize nuggets by both subject as well as formats for multiple modes of discoverability
  • Recommend nuggets to learners based on what interests them
  • Use formats such as surveys and social features to identify future topics to be covered
  • Use the deep-linking feature to allow for sharing of content within your workforce
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