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Induction for the innovative enterprise​

Are you still struggling with the impossible logistics of onboarding new employees at scale through classroom sessions? Please allow us to show you an easier, more cost-effective way...

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The ICE Cube Onboarding Framework

A design approach that helps you plan and execute what to cover, how to deliver and who to involve in the onboarding process

  • Introduction
  • Subject
  • Scope
  • Style
  • Implementation
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Ice cube onboarding framework
Looking to design the perfect induction program?

The trick lies in the systematic planning of the what, when and how of the learning that is delivered to the employee:

  • SUBJECT - What do they need to learn?
  • SCOPE – What do they need to learn about?
  • STYLE - When and how should this learning happen?
SUBJECT: What do they need to learn?
  • INFORMATION: Facts and figures that an employee should know. Examples would include industry evolution, organization structure, employee id, etc.
  • CONCEPTS: Conceptual content that an employee should understand.. Examples would include domain knowledge, processes, job description, etc.
  • EXPECTATIONS: Ideals and behavior that an employee must adhere to. Examples would include industry regulations, organizational values, policies, etc.
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SCOPE: What do they need to learn about?
  • INDUSTRY: Learn about the industry your company operates in. Examples would include evolution of the industry, domain knowledge, regulations, etc.
  • COMPANY: Learn about your company itself. Examples would include company history, organization structure, products, processes and policies of the company, etc.
  • EMPLOYEE: Learn about matters pertaining to the employee's specific role and context. Examples would include job descriptions, KRAs, KPIs, etc.
STYLE: When and how should the learning happen?
  • INSTRUCTOR-LED: Learning in a classroom or workshop environment, ideal for discussion-based learning or attitude orientation of employees
  • COACHING: Learning through on-the-job activities or through interactions with a buddy, mentor or coach, ideal for building expertise and skills
  • E-LEARNING: Learning through self-paced learning delivered via technology, ideal for continuous and referential learning
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How do you apply the framework to your organization?
  • STEP 1 - CONTENT PLANNING: Fill up the Subject-Scope Matrix to exhaustively define the content that the learner must be exposed to for effective onboarding
  • STEP 2 - COMMUNICATION PLANNING: Decide on Style for each content nugget in the Subject-Scope Matrix while outlining the duration and medium of learning
  • STEP 3 - COORDINATION PLANNING: Organize and provision learning logistics like systems, workshops, trainers, content creators and coaches
Download the ICE Cube Planner

So, does this resonate with you? If so, please go ahead and use our ICE Cube Planner Toolkit to plan and implement your induction program.

The toolkit contains a detailed writeup on the ICE Cube Framework along with Excel Worksheets and Case Studies to guide you along the way. The toolkit is available free of charge. Think of it as a thank you from our side for showing interest in our thoughts.

So go ahead and drop us a mail at or leave us your email address and we will send it right across....

Manage your onboarding process faster and easier

Your new hires should feel engaged with your organization from the moment they accept their offer. From pre-boarding to team introductions, the QuoDeck onboarding system makes your new hires feel more welcome:

  • Get a head start with pre-boarding packages
  • Provide welcome kits and checklists to new hires
  • Deploy a self-serve system for new hire documentation
  • Add surveys and polls to gather feedback from the new hires
  • Engage new hires with an inbuilt social network
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Deploy a mobile learning app for your induction program

We now live in a digital economy, with 80%+ of online content being managed and consumed on mobile devices. This is where QuoDeck can help:

  • Auto-enrol new joiners into learning paths based on job role
  • Use your existing content or author with the in-built tool
  • Amplify learner engagement with games and story paths
  • Deploy as white-labelled mobile app or integrate with your LMS
  • Use our team-wise tiered analytics to measure effectiveness

Add the power of gamified content to your induction

Enterprise learning is about more than the distribution technology. The engagement that the learning content brings is the critical success factor. QuoDeck offers its expertise as services to select enterprise clients:

  • Subscribe to our library of ready sales and soft-skills courses
  • Contact us to create custom SCORM and video content
  • Deploy our simulations and or get one built on a bespoke basis
  • Ask for custom games to include into your induction program
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