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Drive pull-based course content with Personalized Learning Paths, Story Wrappers, Vernacular Authoring, Gaming and Certifications​...

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Interactive content at your fingertips​

Easy to build, easy to consume, easy to track​

  • Mobility
  • Branding
  • Authoring
  • Gamification
  • Analytics
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Anywhere learning​

Access your courseware seamlessly across mobile apps, mobile or desktop browsers…​

  • Enjoy a world-class mobile experience using an app that works smoothly on low bandwidth
  • Access learning on browsers – the responsive design ensures both an excellent desktop experience​ while delivering a powerful progressive web app
  • Synchronize data when internet is available – storing of data on device ensures zero data loss​​
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Your very own app

Customize your app to reflect your brand identity and act as a marketing tool. QuoDeck allows you to customize your platform to fit your brand guidelines...​

  • Brand your platform with its own name, logo and iconography​​​​
  • Customize elements like colors, icons, banners and landing page layouts​​
  • Host a white-labeled mobile app on Play Store and App Store, or a progressive web app
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Creating gamified content was never easier​​

Author gamified, interactive, micro-learning instructional design compliant (phew!) content, using our templated authoring system. ​

  • Create interactive and device-responsive content using​ the easy to use authoring system
  • Gamify your content using in-built games and gamified wrappers​​
  • Edit your content on the platform and control information flow to your ecosystem​
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Leverage the power of games and gamification​

Achieve higher adoption and engagement with games, leaderboards and rewards.

  • Design learning paths as stories from a choice of 50+ story environments​
  • Turn assessments and quizzes into any of our 100+ exciting games at the click of a button​
  • Elevate engagement using certificates, leaderboards and other rewards​​​​​​​​
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Eventstream data tracking​

Collect detailed data on usage, effectiveness and engagement of your learning interventions​

  • Collect eventstream data for deep analytics on platform usage
  • Access our extensive set of visual and tabular reports to evaluate effectiveness and engagement​
  • Use APIs to build custom reports – Courseware tracks every click​

Engage your workforce so that they choose to learn

Digital learning must offer engagement and communication for your workforce. Whether certification or compliance courses, QuoDeck Courseware provides easy ways to enhance their engagement quotient:

  • Convert courses into quests and stories at the click of a button
  • Present quizzes as fun games using our 100+ hyper-casual games
  • Build a community using Courseware’s inbuilt social network
  • Drive adoption and competition using course leaderboards
  • Evaluate platform engagement and effectiveness using Courseware’s analytics engine
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Deploy your very own mobile app for learning

Today, over 80% of online content is consumed on mobiles. QuoDeck Courseware’s light and spiffy mobile app makes content consumption easy no matter where you are:

  • Host your very own, custom-branded learning app
  • Access the bandwidth optimized app in the remotest of locations
  • Provide a world-class mobile experience with learning specially designed for mobiles
  • Empower your audience to learn where they want to, and when they want to
  • Amplify learner engagement with mobile-ready games and story paths ​

Build a repository of interactive content

Today’s discerning learners do not associate with flat or non-interactive content. Ask QuoDeck to create custom content using Courseware or choose from our extensive library of gamified content:

  • Choose from our game-wrappers to add story elements to your content
  • Use leaderboards across courses and games, to drive competition
  • Award badges, medals, and scratch-cards to drive content consumption
  • Ask us for custom branded games for your organization
  • Reduce time-to-market by populating your platform with QuoDeck’s ready content library
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