Amplify your learning campaigns with the power of games and gamification

Leverage competition to drive intense short-term campaigns with Gamified Contests, Leaderboards, Seasons, Wallets and Reward Centers

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Create gamified quiz contests​

Pick from QuoDeck Contest’s wide range of games, add some questions and your gamified quiz is ready to go​

  • Customization
  • Games
  • Gamification
  • Analytics
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Your very own app​

Customize your app to reflect your brand identity and act as a marketing tool. QuoDeck Contest lets you customize your campaign to fit your guidelines...​

  • Brand the name, colours, messaging and logo for every game campaign​
  • Upload specific and relevant images for each campaign​
  • Categorize campaigns using tags​ for improved analytics​
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Wide range of game engines to choose from​

Create contests easily with every game campaign that you run can using a different game engine​

  • Run multiple quiz contests simultaneously using different games from QuoDeck Contest’s vast repertoire​​
  • Create a game campaign in three steps – choose game - add questions – share link​
  • Cater to different user types with different mechanics offered by different QuoDeck Contest games​​
Leverage the power of games to drive adoption

Increase adoption and drive competition using game leaderboards​​

  • Pick from a library of 100+ games to upgrade quizzes and assessments to mini-games​
  • Harness users' competitive spirit with game leaderboards​
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Detailed analytics​

Collect information for every user and every question that is part of the game campaign​

  • Identify high potential users by evaluating performance across multiple game campaigns​
  • Identify topics or concepts that users get wrong more often ​
  • Know when, where and how much users interact with every game campaign​

Increase consumer engagement with your brand using Gamiquo

Breaking through the clutter of banner ads is difficult to achieve. Using lean-in content consumption techniques is the answer. Create brand affinity using high-engagement gamification tactics:

  • Choose one or more of Gamiquo’s hyper-casual games to create a consumer engagement platform
  • Custom design games to express and reflect your brand identity
  • Add quiz questions about your brand to help your consumers know you better
  • Drive consumer participation through leaderboards and rewards
  • Share the campaign on your social media and in marketing outreach
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Change how you market new products with internal stakeholders

Your workforce needs to know the ins and outs of your products and services, especially new launches. Help improve retention using the spaced repetition technique built into our games:

  • Build your very own city or even universe of games – each product with its own location
  • Customize the platform to represent your brand identity
  • Create quizzes for each product at their location to create a repository of product knowledge
  • Ensure high participation using games and leaderboards for each product
  • Reward top performers for new launches at the end of campaigns

Train your extended gig and value-chain workforce

Upskilling your extended workforce even by a small amount can dramatically improve your reputation as well as revenues. QuoDeck’s Amplayfier platform focuses specifically on last-mile performance improvement:

  • Upskill your workforce with short bursts of everyday learning
  • Ensure high participation using points, games, and leaderboards
  • Talk to your audience in the language of their choice
  • Use our tested and proven learn-play-win-earn method to keep learners engaged
  • Allow your workforce to redeem points for monetary and non-monetary rewards
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