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Innovative and engaging compliance training for your extended workforce ​

How do you ensure that your entire workforce is aware of your policies? QuoDeck’s innovative approach to compliance training ensures that your learners want to learn, and aren’t forced to​

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Reduce liability risk and operate efficiently​

Convert your not-so-exciting compliance training into a signature piece, using QuoDeck’s highly interactive take on compliance training​

  • Program Design​
  • Concept Approach​​​
  • Create Episodes​
  • Simulated Environments​
  • Download
Ice cube onboarding framework
Cover knowledge to absorb and attitudes to inculcate​

Break down the content into episodes​​

  • Define what each episode should cover​
  • Define the length of each episode​
  • Include a pre-assessment and a simulation-based final assessment​
Entertain and engage​

Choose an approach or story that resonates with your audience​

  • Choose a story that your target audience can identify with​
  • Use protagonist/s who appear in every episode to develop familiarity and attachment​
  • Set the story in a parallel world but set challenges in the real-world​
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Decide content to be covered and the story to be incorporated​

With the program design and concept finalized, identify what each episode will cover​

  • Identify the content and outcomes for each episode​
  • Define – Describe – Exemplify – Test every concept​
  • End each module with a mini-assessment​
Practice makes perfect​

Test understanding of compliance using real life scenarios, without the associated risks, through simulated environments

  • Put learners through a final risk-free simulation​
  • Use real life scenarios to give users a taste of what conflicts may occur in their real life​
  • Use stringent parameters to judge learner performance and insist on replays, if needed​
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Download the Instructional Design Guide to Compliance Training​

Does this resonate with you? If so, please go ahead and use our Instructional Design Guide to Compliance Training to plan and implement your compliance training.​

It contains detailed instructions on our approach starting from program design to using simulations. The guide is available free of charge. Think of it as a thank you from our side for showing interest in our thoughts.

So go ahead and drop us a mail at or leave us your email address and we will send it right across....

Instructional Design Guide to Compliance Training ​

Our instructional design approach for compliance training is simple but drives the point through. See how it works…​

  • Use life-like case studies as a precursor to the learning to set relevance​
  • Use stories and games to take the content forward and increase engagement​
  • Use relevant avatars to simulate authority​
  • Focus on the whys as much as the hows​
  • Use simulations to test understanding of concepts​
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Deploy a learning app for all your compliance training​

An organization’s code of conduct policy needs to be available for reference and must be structured and tagged to provide for easier discoverability. See how QuoDeck can help you with this…​

  • Break down content into nuggets using QuoDeck’s framework on treatment of compliance content​
  • Tag nuggets with relevant hashtags for easier discoverability​
  • Recommended content to users based on their search patterns and consumption​
  • Deploy as white-labelled mobile app or web app or integrate with your LMS​
  • Use QuoDeck’s inbuilt notification engine for reminders

Add the power of gamified content​

Compliance training can be extremely boring, but an organization’s commitment to providing it can yield sizeable economic benefits. As a result, the engagement the content provides must be high. QuoDeck offers its expertise, in this field, as services to select enterprise clients:​

  • Contact us to create custom SCORM, games and video content covering compliance
  • Subscribe to our library of ready games to easily gamify the usually unexciting content​
  • Get bespoke simulations built to test understanding of compliance concepts and evaluate ability to prioritize responses​
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