Create gamified learning to engage your audience

A simple but powerful platform builder to deliver interactive experiences that your learners engage with, not because they are forced to, but because they want to...

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Go beyond the Learning Management System

Introducing gamified micro-learning platforms that help your learning initiatives achieve more...

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So you have a robust feature-rich organization LMS. Then why are you still having to beg, bribe and bully your audience to consume your learning?

In today's post-Millennial world, you need to look beyond plain distribution and start driving adoption of your learning initiatives:

  • Spawn light micro-learning platforms for specific targeted use-cases
  • Apply the power of micro-learning and gamification to drive engagement
  • Evaluate learner behavior and effectiveness through marketing-style analytics
  • Integrate easily with your organizational LMS

Leverage the three pillars of modern e-learning

QuoDeck Platforms allow your learners to access learning when, where and how they want it...


Access your QuoDeck Platforms seamlessly across a Mobile app, Mobile browsers or Desktop browsers


Create mobile ready interactive content and learning games through our easy to use templatized editor


View dashboards and reports on learner progress, interaction, comprehension and adoption

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QuoDeck Platforms have been used by over 650 thousand learners across the who's who of global corporates...

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