Create gamified platforms to engage and train your workforce

Business success depends on the performance of your last-mile sales and service teams. Let our cutting-edge technology and gamified content help you make them sharper and more motivated...

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Digital engagement done right​

Enterprise learning and communication delivered when, where and how your audience wants it…​

  • Distribution
  • Authoring
  • Gamification
  • Branding
  • Analytics
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Distribute to a diverse audience

Enterprises today need to train not only their employees but a much larger ecosystem of vendors, gig workforce and consumers. QuoDeck is specifically designed to scale and handle such requirements...

  • Run as a standalone platform or integrate with your company learning or sales management systems
  • Map organization hierarchies with both organization and team level control on content creation and analytics
  • Distribute to your gig, value chain and consumer ecosystem with our cost-optimized extended enterprise solution
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Author micro-learning easily

Author mobile learning content using QuoDeck's templated authoring system. The system is designed to ensure that the content that you create is compliant with micro-learning instructional design principles...

  • Upload your existing PDF and PPT content
  • Author mobile responsive content directly through the inbuilt authoring tool
  • Add rich media like animations, videos, quizzes, etc
  • Structure your content into gamified learning paths
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Leverage the power of gaming

Games are a key part of the mobile experience today, and one that can significantly drive interest and adoption amongst your learners. QuoDeck offers a ready library of game structures that you can simply pick and use...

  • Design your learning paths as stories with 50+ story environments to pick from
  • Pick from our library of 100+ games to upgrade your quizzes and assessments to hyper-casual mini-games
  • Harness the competitive spirit with certificates, badges and leaderboards
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Customize to your brand

Learning doubles up as a key internal and external marketing option for modern enterprises. QuoDeck allows you to customize your platform to fit your guidelines...

  • Brand the name, logo and iconography of the learning platform as per your requirement
  • Customize elements like colors, icons, banners and landing page layouts
  • Host a white-labeled mobile app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and a progressive web app on your custom domain
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Measure progress and traction

Standard learning systems only provide limited data on the effectiveness of your learning campaigns. QuoDeck offers marketing-style MIS to allow to better analyze and manage your learning outcomes...

  • View dashboards and reports on learner progress, interaction, comprehension and adoption
  • Team-level drill-down analytics to provide your managers a view and control over their teams
  • API access to integrate the learning data into your internal MIS and reporting systems

Gamified products and content

A powerful modular suite of cutting-edge technology products and content programs...

QuoDeck Courseware
Drive pull-based course content with Personalized Learning Paths, Story Wrappers, Vernacular Authoring, Gaming and Certifications
QuoDeck Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base
Drive understanding of your app or business by integrating a knowledge base full of Stories, Quizzes, Games, Profilers, Calculators and more
QuoDeck Contests and Rewards
Contests and Rewards
Leverage competition to drive intense short-term campaigns with Gamified Contests, Leaderboards, Seasons, Wallets and Reward Centers
QuoDeck Gamified Content
Gamified Content
Purchase or commission gamified content modules for Induction, Onboarding, Process, Compliance, Product Training and more

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